Fab in Five Live

Monday July 26 to Friday July 30, 2021


Check in with our experts as part of our wellness week and plant the seeds to take your health to the next level while we plant a tree for everyone who signs up.

From our Ibiza mini retreat (expect drumming and dancing), to boosting your athletic performance with our Kaplankaya super exercise guru, a reinvigorating Tabata session that takes you to the beautiful Maldives, pamper time at our Alchemy Bar in Douro Valley and going even further to Grow a New Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo – take some time for you in the knowledge you are doing something great for the planet too.

Our key pillars of wellness and sustainability are really two sides of the same coin. Even though our experiences are individual, what we all know is that wellness, connection, nature, sustainability, quality of life, love and collective consciousness have suddenly become more and more important.

That’s why, with each new sign up to our wellness week, we will flip the coin to sustainability and plant a tree at Six Senses Fiji. After all, trees help clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink.

Get ready to feel Fab in Five Live with Vice President Wellness Mark Sands hosting each 30-minute session along with experts in our resorts. Don’t worry if you can’t join us live. So long as you’ve signed up, we’ll share the link so you can follow along in your own time. 

About this event

Monday July 26 at 7:00 am New York, 12:00 pm London (30 minutes and Q&A)

Mini Immersion with Six Senses Ibiza

Mini Immersions at Six Senses Ibiza are an invitation to take time away from your screens to playfully reconnect with yourself, the present moment and with your fellow travelers. Now we’re bringing the magic of Ibiza to you with a virtual taster with our teachers and healers. Enjoy drumming, breathwork, dance and ceremony set against our turquoise Xarraca Bay to beat the Monday blues and create good vibes all round!

Tuesday July 27 at 7:00 am New York, 12:00 pm London (30 minutes and Q&A)

Exercise Physiology Lab with Hannes at Six Senses Kaplankaya

How fit do you feel compared to how fit you want to feel? If your answer is anything less than “Great”, these handy hints and tips from Six Senses Kaplankaya will help develop your physical fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility to set and achieve your performance goals. 

Wednesday July 28 at 8:00 am New York/ 1:00pm London (30 minutes and Q&A)

Tabata your Tiredness into Touch with Hemant at Six Senses Laamu

Slumped in front of a screen? Join our revitalizing 25-minute Tabata session with our Fitness & Yoga Instructor Hemant Gahlot. The hues of blue in the background are with love from Laamu! Rehydrate and refresh afterwards with a journey through the herb garden to show you how to make your own tea. Remember once you have signed up, you can keep the link we send you to repeat the Tabata session any time you need a HIIT fix (or just to gaze at the incredible view).

Thursday July 29 at 9:00 am New York/ 2:00pm London (30 minutes and Q&A)

Alchemy Bar with Six Senses Douro Valley

Follow along and try your hand at alchemy and learn how to blend herbs, salts, fruits and oils into scrubs, wraps, hair or face masks during this ultimate pamper experience. Our skilled therapists work with fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients often grown and picked from our gardens – and here you can learn the basics to set up your own bar at home. If you’re keen to get started now, here are some of our much-loved recipes to bring The Alchemy Bar into your home.

Friday July 30 at 9:00 am New York/ 2:00pm London (60 minutes)

How to Grow a New Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

We’re constantly growing new cells, and our favorite Shaman Dr. Alberto Villoldo joins us on our final day of Fab in Five Live to explain how it is possible to maintain, repair and even regenerate a healthy new you. Learn the keys to enjoying greater vitality, sleeping better, slimming down and losing all the emotional baggage you may be unaware you have been dragging around with you. Clean up your body, emotions and luminous energy field and set an intention to a longer-lived version of you where your health span equals your lifespan.

Our presenter

Mark Sands, Six Senses Vice President Wellness 

Throughout the week, Vice President Wellness Mark Sands will be hosting each 30-minute session to connect you with experts in our resorts. We finish the week with a special Grow a New Body session with medical anthropologist, modern-day shaman and Friend of Six Senses Dr. Alberto Villoldo.

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Monday July 26 to Friday July 30, 2021

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