The How of Loving Yourself with Krista Williams

Wednesday June 19, 2024, 12:00 pm New York / 5:00 pm London


Even though the wellness industry is awash with the importance of self-love, world peace, spiritual awakening, and healing, few seem able to offer the ‘how.’

How do we love our parts that hurt ourselves or others? How do we resolve our inner conflicts so we can participate in healing a divided world? How do we awaken to the divine within ourselves without bypassing our humanity? How do we heal trauma―and the chronic physical and mental illnesses it can cause? Without the how, we wind up feeling helpless to live in alignment with the core values and desire for optimal health that most of us espouse.

This workshop offers some of these ‘hows’: sensible and actionable solutions that help you open your heart to even your most destructive ‘parts’ to extend compassion to them while leading the way to wholeness.

IFS is a paradigm-changing model because it offers a powerful approach for healing ourselves, our culture, and our planet. Find out how it changed Krista's life and increased her self-love in a way she never thought possible. In this workshop we will learn more about ourselves and how to heal through a guided meditation.

About this 60-minute event:

  • 45-minute discussion and meditation with Krista Williams

  • 15-minute live Q&A with Krista and Anna Bjurstam

Krista Williams

Krista is the co-founder of Almost 30, a global community and top spirituality and wellness podcast reaching over 100 million downloads. Krista is also the co-creator of Morning Microdose, ranked a top new podcast by Spotify. She works with changemakers, leads global retreats, speaks all over the world, and is the visionary for Modern Tarot, which provides luxury tarot tools for modern life.

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Wednesday June 19, 2024, 12:00 pm New York / 5:00 pm London

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