The Future of Wellness Tech

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 1:00 pm New York / 6:00 pm London


Wellness Tech is expanding into new frontiers as breakthroughs in understanding the human nervous system and brain are translated into products and services that can help us live longer and better. In this 60-minute masterclass, we will explore the cutting-edge innovations that are driving this industry and get a glimpse into the future.

By bringing together biohacker, Dave Asprey, who has tried it all, Hyperice Founder Anthony Katz, who has built a leading cryotherapy start-up, and Molly Maloof, a doctor and venture capitalist who shares what she’s seeing about where investors are wanting to invest, participants will get an insider view from people making, using and planning wellness-enhancing technology.

Learn about what biohacking tools work and don’t work now and what to look forward to in a review of life areas businesses are targeting for future developments.

This masterclass will be beneficial for people interested in optimizing their own wellness as well as for people working in the industry.

About this 60-minute complimentary event

  • 60-minute live Q&A hosted by Anna Bjurstam

About Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is an entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling science author, and host of the top 100 podcast Bulletproof Radio, which has more than 200 million downloads.

He’s the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and a leading voice in the movement to take control of our own biology. News outlets like the Today Show, CNN, Wired, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, have featured Dave because he’s the “Father of Biohacking” because he started the movement and hosts the largest and longest-running biohacking conference.

Over the last two decades Dave has worked with world-renowned doctors, researchers, scientists and global mavericks to uncover the latest, most innovative methods, techniques and products for enhancing mental and physical performance. Dave has personally spent nearly $2 million taking control of his own biology - pushing the bounds of human possibility all in the name of science and evolution.

About Dr. Molly Maloof

Dr. Molly Maloof is passionate about extending healthspan through her medical practice, personal brand, entrepreneurial and educational endeavors. She is passionate about optimizing health through food, technology, and psychedelics. She provides personalized medicine to world class entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor or consultant to over 50 companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries. She has been an educator since medical school and pioneered a course on healthspan at Stanford University. She is publishing a book in 2023 on biohacking for women with Harper Wave Books. She is the Founder of Adamo, a brand dedicated to optimizing human capacity and connection with consumer health products and educational media.

About Anthony Katz

Anthony Katz is the founder and President of Hyperice, a holistic high-performance wellness brand with a mission to help everyone on Earth move and live better. For more than a decade, Hyperice has led a global movement at the confluence of recovery and wellness, specializing in percussion (Hypervolt line), dynamic air compression (Normatec line), vibration (Vyper and Hypersphere lines), thermal technology (Venom line), mind technology (Core by Hyperice) and contrast therapy (Hyperice X). Hyperice works with the worlds best athletes including Naomi Osaka, Patrick Mahomes, Ja Morant, and Erling Haaland, and has partnerships with leagues and teams around the globe.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 1:00 pm New York / 6:00 pm London

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